The Indie Dig: Kindergarten

PDF version found here!

Content Warning: Where do I start

So…this dig is going to be a bit different. So far, I’ve shown examples of ambitious meta narratives, genre mashing, and a look at the exploration genre. This piece does not really fit in with any of these categories. In fact, it most fits in with the aesthetics and humor of an early 2000s flash game.

It came out in 2017.

Indie Dig Kindergarten

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The Indie Dig: Verde Station

PDF version available!

Well well, I have a very interesting find today! I searched this one out after getting a tip from a fellow indie gaming enthusiast, and I’m surprised I let this one pass me the first time. This specimen is from 2014, one of many releases among the exploration genre craze (known in layman terms as the “walking simulator” by reactionary audiences). Just a year after Gone Home shook the gaming world came this strange little gem, a little experiment in the power of storytelling…

Indie Dig Verde Station

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The Indie Dig: Super Star Path

Well, I went on another dig, and found a few things worth sharing! I’m still finishing restoring a few pieces, but I do have one ready to exhibit, and it has an interesting hook to it. The great thing about indie games is how many experiment with familiar genres and design choices to make something new, and that’s certainly something this particular game attempts. If it succeeds…that’s a tad more complicated.

Indie Dig Super Star Path

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The Indie Dig: PLUTONIUM

Well, the dig is done. Let’s see the haul…oh, hey! You must be new here. What am I doing? Simple. I’m doing an excavation. The indie gaming world has created all sorts of works, breath taking and anger inducing alike, but many of these games have been lost to time and flooded store fronts. These works deserve to be remembered, shared, and maybe even supported if still possible, so many have taken it upon themselves to find these works and get them the attention they deserve so much. For my own efforts, I aim to find works five dollars and under to share, going in blind and experiencing them with eyes as fresh as possible. I call this operation “The Indie Dig,” an involved search for indie works and what they’ve accomplished – or in some cases, what they didn’t accomplish.

For today’s haul, I have…oh. Oh my. I have quite the find to share today…

Indie Dig Plutonium

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Full Course: Deponia

Content Warning: The Goodbye Deponia section discusses sexual assault, child molestation, slavery, and racism. The Deponia Doomsday section discusses transphobia briefly.

Comedy is difficult. Dark comedy is probably the most difficult comedy style of them all. Using dark comedy as your window dressing for a four game narrative about the importance of balancing ambition with accepting finality is ridiculously difficult, and Daedalic Games actually tried pulling this off with what is effectively their most popular original series, Deponia. There are few game series with highs so high or lows so low, a series of works I want to praise and recommend to everyone but most certainly can’t as I remember those awful, offensive lows. Yet that last game is quite possibly one of the best point and click games I have ever played. I can’t deny that.

So, Deponia, I say…

Huzzah! And maybe a boo.

Full Course Deponia

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Top 10 Games I Played in 2017

Oh thank god this hell year is ending. 2017 has not been a good time for the world in general, and I am glad it’s going – sorta. Personally, it’s been a year of slow progress, and the games that came out this year have been absurdly good. I’ve also started catching up on more games that past me by, as I do every year, and I found some real gems II wasn’t expecting. This was also the year I finally clicked with WRPGs, so expect a lot of articles on them in the future (KOTOR 1&2 will get a Full Course once the Deponia piece is done, apologies it’s taken so long).

I did a year end retrospective for IndieCent, so I decided that will now be my usual yearly thing instead of my gimmicky award blog. However, I will still do my favorite games I played this year, so sit back and check out some of the great stuff I finally got around to playing this year. Some of these games even released this year, and were produced by major companies! I know!

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RollerCoaster Tycoon and the Importance of Simplicity

Today’s article was commissioned by a regular reader. If you’d like to have me write about something of your choosing, consider commissioning me! Details here, willing to discuss subjects not covered on that page. Use the e-mail listed there.


Screenshot (5)

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Full Course: HuniePop

Content Warning: This article discusses sexual assault, not in the games featured but in discussion of subcultures related to said games. Reader discretion is advised.

…well, I’m about to talk about videogames made by chan regulars that isn’t the much beloved visual novel about living with handicaps. This series went in a weird direction, talking about sexy puzzle and tycoon games. Normally, this wouldn’t be writing about these sorts of games, since they’re usually too simplistic or crude to be worth the musing. When games informed by chan culture come around, they usually turn out to be pretty terrible irony games you can easy spot as trash from a glance (see “The Triggering”) or seemingly normal games that end up being incredibly idiotic social commentary that either misses the point (The Last Night, the product of a gater) or is informed entirely by ignorance (Aerannis, which includes the mascot of a harassment campaign as a celebrity cameo). But out of all of them, it’s HuniePop that’s somehow been the most controversial release, and possibly the most tame. That may be the secret to its success.

Full Course HuniePop

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