Gatchaman Crowds Insight and Accidental Gun Control Subtext

Gatchaman Crowds is my favorite anime to date, and I’m not sure that opinion will change anytime soon. As of writing, its second season, Insight, is airing and it’s just as impressive as the first season. It does best what it always does best; gets people thinking and talking. There’s so much to dissect from the show, and it’s all layered and presented so well that it’s easy to understand what it’s saying, but not so obnoxious in giving the message that it becomes off-putting. Insight is going a step further by supplying a mess of different viewpoints in its central issue of how the internet should be integrated into modern life, but it’s also bringing up something completely different for western audiences.

Please note that I am not saying this is how I view the series, but it is a view that’s worth exploring.

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We Bare Bears, West and East, and the Slice of Life

Tonight, Cartoon Network premiered their newest cartoon, We Bare Bears. The show seems to be getting mostly positive attention, but several noticed that CN seems to be getting into a trend. More and more of their shows are comedies about life in the modern age, mixing traditional slapstick and high concept animated comedy styles with the slice of life. Clarence is another great example of this, taking most its humor from real world situations, making the absurd elements stick out all the more and punctuate jokes. It’s a similar formula here, except it’s more about early adult life than childhood (think Regular Show but not constantly going out of its way to be as weird as possible and a lack of nostalgia).

But thinking back on my childhood, I realized that there’s been a significant change in humor and subject with these sorts of real world based shows. I wonder if the slice of life craze in Japan had something to do with this.

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