Spring 2016 Anime Impressions

Spring is here, and as I try to get those final winter reviews out on Infinite Rainy Day, I decided to give my thoughts on the Spring premiers I’ve seen, which is quite a few. This list isn’t completely comprehensive, especially with general bullshit walling from sides like Netflix, but I got a big chunk of the season here.

Everybody do the “Fuck Netflix” dance! *clap clap*

I’ll be leaving out the second season premiers of Asterisk War and Concrete Revolutio, but it’s safe to assume those are as great as their first seasons. This will be premiers only. I’ve divided everything into categories based on quality and entertainment value, from most recommended, to specialized recommendations, and stuff you should avoid.

So, here are my thoughts.

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The Humanity of Galko-chan

You know it’s a weird season where one of the most talked about shows in fan circles is a series of shorts that started with a gag about nipple size.

Within the first twenty seconds.

As I finish up the Winter season while I write this, I feel very tired and a tense sense of disappointment. A lot of promising shows fell apart pretty quickly, and the shows I did genuinely like lacked impact or fell apart towards the end. There are exceptions, but I didn’t expect Galko-chan to be one of them. For those unaware, Please Tell Me, Galko-chan is a comedy series with eight minute episodes about a gyaru named Galko, whom talks with friends about such family friendly things as periods, pubic hair, and boob sensitivity.

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