Bi-Weekly Update: 5/22/2016

Things are a bit rocky for me here personally, and I haven’t been catching up with anime or games like I planned. However, I still have stuff to talk about, including one rather unorthodox thing I found.


Punch Club


This ended up being a blast. Punch Club is basically Princess Maker’s formula changed out in theme with fighting and a mess of 80s and 90s nostalgia. There’s so much great cheese here (The Godfather rides around in a walking mech at one point), and the game proper really hooked me in with the constant sense of growth and maintenance. Having to keep building muscle to stay in shape can be a tad tedious, but getting a good routine going feels so satisfying because of how much shit the game throws at you from time to time. It takes some time to really get into it, but once you figure out your build, it’s all gold from there.



This was so stupid and so great. It’s also weirdly clever, as an article coming out in a few days will argue. Broforce is such a great explody time, action games rarely engage me like this one did. I think the biggest strengths were the damageable levels allowing a lot of ways to tackle situations, and your character being picked at random, forcing you to learn everyone. Ash and the Boondock Saints were easily the best, followed close by Machete and Ripley.

Not A Hero


Man this game is grueling at times. Not A Hero is sort of similar to Dark Souls in that they have similar design philosophy. They’re ultimately rewarding to players who slow down and pay attention to the details, highlighting major moments or traps before they hit the player, like the third area levels introducing samurai falling down safely away from you to warn you that they can surprise you when things seem safe. The big difference is that Not A Hero is way tighter and quicker. It’s really fun, but also infuriating, so I have to stop from time to time to refresh. Nearly done, at least.

A Pixel Story


This is an indie platformer I’ve been meaning to play for HG101 for a long while now, my old PC couldn’t run it well. Probably going to take time to finish it because man, it does not make a good first impression. The meta premise of saving a computer from inside is okay, but the mechanics are drab and dull. Hopefully it picks up as I go on and start exploring worlds with different graphical styles.

Yandere School


I tried this today after browsing the Google Play store. I hope it ends up becoming good down the line so I can get my yandere simulator fix from someone who hasn’t doxxed a handicapped girl. Unfortunately, only two missions are up and this is pretty bad, even for a free app game. Moving with a fake thumbstick on a touch screen will never feel natural, the physics engine is a mess, and lack of camera control is a huge issue. But the concept is good, being a psychological horror about a yandere girl who kills someone and starts losing her mind in nightmare levels, I just doubt it can work from these devs.




I have not been in a good headspace lately, so I haven’t really had a chance to catch up with anime or manga …but I did end up finding this weird little fetish comedy, and ended up backing the creator’s Patreon in hopes that it will convince him to keep working on the next chapter. Half a year delays are pretty common with this series, so hopefully the project isn’t dead yet.

I am going to be the loudest fan of this thing I swear. I have fallen in love with this, and by all accounts, I shouldn’t. It’s made with Photoshop and that K-ON character editor thing, for god’s sake. But it’s just so damn funny. Basically, a school is suddenly flooded with items of magical control called Saimin Ars, like a pen that makes people follow a command they read written by it, or gloves that when holding breasts or testicles stops the victim from moving and accept any command given during this time. Everyone who gets these items also ends up being a huge dick of some sort, or a hapless dolt who doesn’t understand the power they have completely ruining the plans of every other smarter character.

It’s like a shonen battle formula, with balanced out powers bouncing off each other, mixed with a comedy of errors. It works because all the characters are fantastically realized in their broad personalities, especially the friendly Wendy. You get exactly where they’re coming from in just a brief moment, and they all compliment and contrast each other well. It also makes some really great plot turns, like our main character being removed from the story for a long chunk of time because she’s brainwashed to be an unmoving doll, or the biggest idiot in the cast sudden;y getting an item of her own, thinking it’s a “friend gun,” and ends up decimating every other plan in the series by complete accident.

It’s porn, but it abandons being erotic pretty fast for being a laugh riot. I hope I get more of this one, and I plan on talking about it on that other blog of mine in the future. I won’t link to the E-Hentai galleries the creator uses to host the series, but I will link to the forums and the Patreon. And I cannot stress enough this is not safe for work, so don’t go in not expecting a sex scene here and there.


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