Let’s talk about the Kodomo no Jikan Kickstarter…

Woooooooooooah boy. Kodomo no Jikan is a name I thought my ears would never hear again, but of course a group of people who have “SJW” in their vocabulary would make it a topic once more.

If you’re too young to remember, way back in 2005, a manga titled Kodomo no Jikan started being published, and an anime followed two years later that instantly became the newest whipping boy for the community and stayed that way for years. See, Kodomo no Jikan was no normal series. No, this was a romantic comedy about a nine-year-old who constantly tried to get her teacher to fuck her. Later in the series, it was revealed she was being abused by her guardian. Her and the teacher fuck after a timeskip, and while she’s legal, she still looks exactly the same.

I am dead serious. This got a series that ran into 2013, and three OVAs. And no, this was not written by a man, but a woman.


Seven Seas tried to bring the manga to the states once before, with the title of “Nymphet,” because of course, but failed miserably as they discovered nobody would take the book and put it in stores. Most everyone knew this was Lolita without the unreliable narrator element, so the try at translating and publishing was dead in the water.

I thought this series disappeared from the community’s collective radar come around 2010 or 2011, but Digital Manga, a company that mainly crowdfunds limited printings of niche manga series, decided to awaken a sleeping behemoth, and now I have to talk about this mess once more.

What did Digital Manga do? They opened a Kickstarter that is just utterly baffling. Not only do they try to completely ignore what the series actually is with all the tact and sentence structure of your average Twitter sockpuppet account, they also seem to know people know better and desperately plea you not judge it even though most everyone who understands those parts already has. And then somehow also print all of the “criticisms” (ie: descriptions). A few highlights:


How do these people have a business.

This got even worse as things went along, including someone at the company on their Twitter account ranting about the dreaded imaginary menace of the “SJWs.” So, we’re dealing with people who know exactly what a horror show of a project they have on hand, yet have no idea how to handle it without massive lashback, AND also have internet scumbags on their staff (they did delete those venting tweets).

The reason I bring all this is up is not just because of the hilarity, but because this isn’t too far off from just how bad the state of the anime and manga licensing industries are in the west right now. One need only look at what Funimation calls ads to truly understand just how terrifyingly close we are to this sort of behavior being industry norm. This is something we really need to talk about as the years go on, because if you’ll look at what the gaming world has become, with people sending mass death threats to a news site for making a report about a game delay and blaming them for it and them realizing they’re not at fault and then sending mass death threats to the dev, so will be shocked to learn funny idiocy like this was the norm shortly before harassment campaigns became he new norm.

Food for thought.

Also, don’t fuck kids. That is bad.


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