Steam Sifter: DEFENDERS

Well, I’m only lightly defending this, so maybe not the best titl-oh. That’s the game’s name.

Steam Sifter DEFENDERS

Welcome back to Steam Sifter, where I go through the mixed and negatively reviewed games on Steam and see what’s a gem in the rough and what’s genuinely garbage. This week, I bring you DEFENDERS (spelled in all capitals so we know the game is cool), easily the most interesting game in the series so far. I say that because it’s close to being good.

Close to being good, not actually good.

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Bi-Weekly Update: 6/19/2016

Just a heads up, I may be busy in the coming weeks, personal business and all that Hopefully I can keep posting Steam Sifter and South Park Going South. For now, let’s stick to business as usual and go over some of the stuff I’ve been messing with these past two weeks. I’ll leave out Steam Sifter and South Park stuff, I have entire article series for those.

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South Park Going South: 113/202 – Cartman’s Mom is a Slut/Cartman’s Mom is Still a Slut

TW: Transphobia

Welcome back to South Park Going South, where I look at every bad episode of South Park to spot the elements that would eventually fester into some of the worst seasons of television ever made. I love the series, but with so much disgusting people establishing their political identities with the show, it’s about time everyone understood why this is the case.

Last time, I went over Mr. Hankey, The Christmas Poo, a not particularly horrible episode that mostly suffers from mixed aims and establishes a lot of patterns in future bad episodes. Today, I’ll be discussing the show’s first two-parter, which wears its problems on its sleeves. The name of these two episodes? Cartman’s Mom is a Dirty Slut and Cartman’s Mom is Still a Dirty Slut.


South Park Going South 113 202

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Steam Sifter: Bad Hotel

That title is honestly pretty misleading.

Steam Sifter Bad Hotel

Welcome back to Steam Sifter, where I go through the worst and mixed reviewed games on Steam to find any lost gems in the pile of manure. Normally, I will not find good things. Thankfully, this is not a normal find! Today’s game of focus is Bad Hotel, a mobile port by Lucky Frame.

Yes, a mobile port that doesn’t suck. They exist!

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Fate in Masochisia

TW: Child abuse, domestic abuse

Masochisia is easily one of the most disturbing games I have ever played, and it’s not just for the grim subject matter but how it explores its central themes of fate and morality. It uses metafiction (where characters in a story have awareness that they are in a story, or the work itself plays with the very structure of its given medium for one purpose or another) in a very clever way, occasionally having characters not just direct what they say to the character you control, but you yourself. It also conditions you to do rather horrific things.


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South Park Going South: 109 – Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo

Disclaimer: I am a huge fan of South Park. It shaped a lot of my views and how I see the world, and helped me realize how much garbage I had been fed into believing by a dangerously bigoted culture I lived in.

But oh my god there is so much crap in this show we desperately need to talk about.

South Park Going South 109

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Steam Sifter: Social Justice Warriors

New series, woop woop

Steam Sifter

Welcome, ladies, gents and those outside the rigid gender binary, to Steam Sifter! There’s a lot of games on Steam, and a lot of them are given mixed or negative reviews, but are they all bad? After all, with gaming culture being a cesspool of jew hatin’ and vagina fearin’ as of the past few years, maybe some good stuff got buried by assholes, or maybe a good game just wasn’t given enough of a good shake. Maybe there’s something we missed in this flurry of releases worth salvaging. That’s where this series comes in, as I pick out games at random given majorly negative or mixed reception, give them a quick glance, and see if they’re worth giving a shot.

And for those of you thinking this is an awful idea that will lead me to playing horrific garbage and suffering unnecessarily for it, you’re right. Please stop me from doing this. Oh god.

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