Bi-Weekly Update: 6/19/2016

Just a heads up, I may be busy in the coming weeks, personal business and all that Hopefully I can keep posting Steam Sifter and South Park Going South. For now, let’s stick to business as usual and go over some of the stuff I’ve been messing with these past two weeks. I’ll leave out Steam Sifter and South Park stuff, I have entire article series for those.




This is seriously one of the best games I’ve played this year and a must for horror fans. I already wrote up an article on the game’s themes, but if you need an opinion, yes, this game is fantastic. It really gets under your skin, and what makes it so effective is not jumpscares or a sense of danger, but what playing it says about you. Not even Undertale’s meta fuckery got to me the way this game did. Also, note that the requirements on the Steam page are listed a tad high, I played with a 2.1 GHz processor and 128 VRAM and had no issues. It’s about two hours long and absolutely soul crushing.

The Yawhg

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I bought this from a Ferguson indie bundle for charity awhile ago, but just got around to trying it recently. It’s a darn good multiplayer game, a choose your own adventure tale as you prepare for the arrival of the titular Yawhg and rebuild after its rampage. It has a very charming presentation and cast of characters, and can even be played alone. Get it during the coming Steam sale, try playing it over Skype.

Science Girls


A Hanako Games release, Science Girls is a mixture of visual novel and simple JRPG, and it’s pretty good for such a small project. The production is absolutely hideous, mind you, but there’s some fun to be had with the battle mechanics and silly script. It’s also cheap, something to check out if you’re into the western VN scene’s aesthetics.

Crimson Room: Decade


Loved this. Crimson Room, the original escape the room game, is back with the original developer behind the wheel, and it’s truly a step up for such a static genre. I love how the game keeps the obtuse puzzles around, though there’s far less hidden and frustrating bullshit and more bizarre logic you have to figure out. Also, the ending is …certainly something.

Cherry Tree High Girls’ Fight


Well, not sure what I was expecting from a new Cherry Tree game, but card fighter was not it. Bizarre leap from a game about gathering some friends to make a comedy club. But Girls’ Fight works well and doesn’t feel out of place in the series, filled with wacky characters and some addictive raising sim mechanics. Also, characters include a sadistic scientist who drugs herself and spanks people, and a magical girl/idol/fantasy princess/cosplayer who butt slams her enemies. It’s a good game.

Message Quest


A very cheap, very short, point and click adventure I found, done entirely in the style of stained glass. It follows a lazy kid tasked with finding the hero that will save the world, and it has a very cute sense of humor and a nice little character arc. It takes an hour or two to finish, and it’s a nifty little game.



A metroidvania game made by a single person, Inexistence is looking promising from the half hour I tried. It’s a pretty game with a nice score and well animated sprites, with good feeling jumps and swings. Not wild about the finicky second slash mechanic, though.

Enter the Gungeon


I finally got past the first floor! Finally, progress! I’m maining the Convict right now, I like her default guns most. Ace’s lockpick is nice, but his gun is garbage. This game really gets my blood pumping, and I’m wondering how long it’s going to take to make real progress in it because all my progress disappeared as soon as I died on floor two. Roguelikes!



I may be finishing this next for HG101. I like adventure games, and Dropsy is one with its own unique feel and style. It’s a very cute, charming, and most importantly, human game. One of the first things I did in the game was find a man who threw me out of his magic store earlier grieving at his wife’s grave, gave him a keepsake of her’s I found, and gave him a great big clown hug. It was adorable. Also, you can toggle your shoes to squeak with every step, and there’s a button on the menu that makes fart sounds. That is the button’s only function. I love this.


Dragon Crisis


It was actually worse than I expected. You’ll hear my full thoughts on an Infinite Rainy Day podcast later, but this is seriously up there as one of the worst anime I have ever seen. The final arc’s conflict is based around the loli dragon girl dying because she really wants to fuck the main character too much because dragon puberty. I’m not making this up.

The Amazing World of Gumball


It’s amazing just how good this series is, despite starting as a big, dumb comedy. The meta narrative has been kicked up into an ongoing storyline, most recently with the villainous Rob setting up a genuinely dangerous heist plan that nearly gets Gumball’s friends and family killed. The most interesting part of it all was Rob admitting the only reason he’s doing any of this is because he’s supposed to as the villain, not because he’s finding enjoyment or fulfillment from it. Of course, there’s still tons of great gags, especially the most recent episode going into everyone’s dreams. Those anthology episodes are always the best.

Regular Show


I’ve been a bit behind with Mordecai and Rigby’s adventures, but I’ve managed to catch a few new episodes and I’m interested in what’s happening. Not sure when the dome plot came back, but I can roll with it. The series has had continuity for a good while, and now it seems to be using it for goals beyond yet more Mordecai love triangle mediocrity. The character work is mostly spinning wheels, though. I think the writers aren’t sure where to go from here now.


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