Bi-Weekly Update: 7/3/2016

Had a pretty odd last two weeks, and a whole mess of hours at my day job, but I still got some stuff to share. Expect more anime to be popping up next time as I have to prepare for the new Summer season. Apologies for the Spring season coverage on IRD never getting finished. Summer will see some changes, so heads up.


VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action


I have been waiting years for this game, and the wait was well, well worth it. VA-11 Hall-A, or “Valhalla,” is a visual novel about a girl named Jill working as a bartender in a cyberpunk city, and it’s fantastic. The dialog pops and every character is instantly memorable in some way, especially the rambunctious Dorothy and adorable Sei (who’s coded as asexual and autistic in positive ways, I was pleasantly surprised to find). It’s also refreshing in how it plays the cyberpunk story stuff as background noise and instead focuses on people living their lives in difficult situations. I highly recommend it to most anyone, just be warned that there is a LOT of sex talk.

Enter The Gungeon


I finally got to the second floor, woo! And died in the third room I visited! Not woo! I also found out some things can only be earned by killing bosses without being hit. This game is going to kill me.



A Metroidvania affair made by a single person. It’s pretty okay from what little I’ve played, but suffers from the usual problems. Grinding for experience and money needs to die in these games. It needs to die and never return. You can do better, but this is short and cheap so whatever.

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines


Finally started playing this again on my new laptop. Glad I am. Picked a Toreador woman with a focus on seduction, intimidation and the like. Now that I’m done with the intro segment, I’m going to be playing on and off. Considering getting the mod where you can save your ghoul because lesbians ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Broken Age


Just finished this last night and I’m glad I did. Tim Schafer’s return to point and clicks is a special entry, not an all time classic, but an interesting reflection by Schafer himself on his life and trying to impart something to his audience. It has a lovely message, and it’s simply incredible to look at. Just wish there was more to do in the different areas. Get it on sale, though, twenty five bucks is a tad ridiculous.


Regular Show


So, the current season seems over and the gang is in space now. Okay. I get what the latest season was trying to do now, putting characters in new situations for character development (mainly Rigby getting his high school diploma), and I really like the message of that finale of being inspired by those who do difficult things. But the whole dome thing has just felt bizarre to me for a good while now. With all the ridiculous things that happen in this show, the space thing doesn’t interest me that much. But if it means a break from Mordecai love triangle idiocy, more power to this new story arc!


One thought on “Bi-Weekly Update: 7/3/2016

  1. Mela

    I kind of drifted away from Regular Show cuz the Mordecai romance stuff was so tiring and unfunny. And thanks to CN’s obsession with airing nothing but Teen Titans Go as much as possible, it sounds like I missed some potentially interesting stuff.


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