Bi-Weekly Update: 7/17/2016

Another two weeks, another set of things to talk about. Yeah. Seasonal anime stuff is shoved over on IRD, where I’m writing again, so look forward to that! Also, I now realize I talked about Inexistence last time by complete accident because I forgot I wrote about it before and had not played it since. It left quite the impression, as you can see.


Party Hard


This one was quite the little surprise. It’s a slasher villain based game, where you’re a guy who just wants to go to sleep and those darn kids are too busy partying to let you, so you go on a cross-country murder spree. The stealth and strategy mix of gameplay is nice, the cutscenes are fantastically nasty looking, and the music is some of the best in the year in terms of fitting with the theme and style of the game. It does feel like it ends a bit too quickly, but that’s where the user content comes in.

Cookie Clicker


I’ve actually been playing this timesink again for a good few months, and I’m getting the itch to write about it. No clicker game has ever come close to the king for a reason. The 2.0 update really fixes a lot of balancing issues, and some of the new mechanics actually add a good bit, especially the cookie dragon. This game will outlive us all, I fear.

Evil Genius


An old PC game where you play as a Bond villain trying to take over the world. Neat! Now I just have to deal with figuring out the mechanics. Because of the era this came from, instead of simple text instructions, most tips are shown with video clips that go on far too long. Which is annoying. But I see promise here.

They Bleed Pixels


A lovely looking and challenging 2D platformer, They Bleed Pixels is very frustrating to play with a keyboard. Looks like I need to map a controller again. Still, give it a solid rec, especially if you like platformers on the more difficult end.

Game Dev Tycoon


take this fucking game away from me, please i need to sleep

Poker Night at The Inventory 1&2


I got these in a bundle awhile back, so I decided to try them and found I actually really, really like these games, despite having little understanding of poker. The first game is mechanically rocky, but the dialog is fun, especially the contrast between every character and the age demographic they’re aimed at. Also like that he Penny Arcade character is a constantly unlucky fuckboy, accurate writing. The second game is way stronger, especially because Sam is a goldmine of comedy, but the character dialog tends to repeat two much, even within the same game. Could seriously use a larger roster of characters.


Adventure Time


It’s so weird seeing the directions this series is headed in. We’ve moved long past wacky comedy to sobering stories about flawed people growing into the next phase of their life and dealing with midlife crises, existentialist conflicts, and their own personal flaws. Unlike Regular Show, which feels a bit unclear of what it wants to be, Adventure Time is really comfortable with its direction, and I really respect that. Also, still pretty funny. Hehe, burring your twenties.



How is this show actually good. I watched because it was on and was surprised that this dumb little Lego show about ninajs that includes pirates and a pirate genie in the cast is actually …good. That Pirate Genie character is actually very well written villain with surprisingly human motivation. There’s solid drama mixed in with the comedy, and the lego theme lets the staff do whatever the hell they want and it doesn’t feel jarring. There’s so much weird stuff in every single episode and it just feels normal in this universe. Plus, the cinematography is fantastic in many cases. Now I’m interested in how those other lego shows went.


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