Ladykiller and the Politics of BDSM

I’ve been waiting for Ladykiller in a Bind for a long time now, nearly half a decade. Christine Love’s style has almost always been based around exploring how technology has impacted how we communicate with each other, including building relationships, but Ladykiller removes that aspect and explores relationships and communications from a more overtly sexual lens. Calling it a “sex game” or something of the like isn’t inaccurate, but I don’t think it’s a proper way to describe what the game really is. Ladykiller does something really unexpected and refreshing in how it chooses to engage with sexuality, and that’s using choice mechanics to demonstrate to the player how BDSM relationships work. The game lets you play both dominate and submissive roles with multiple characters, and how you play the game significantly changes based on this.


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Messy Queerness in Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme

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Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme is an absolutely baffling project made by amateur developers and artists that started to grow more into their chosen fields as development continued on, and thanks to the episodic release schedule, we can actually see how things went from horrifying to somewhat competent very clearly. But we also see a game that …okay, I don’t want to say it shouldn’t exist, but I can say that it’s surprising to see it exist at this large a scale. This thing can easily suck up thirty hours if you play every episode, and I played through every single episode. This article took some time to get to.

But instead of ragging on the clearly visible problems that plague the title or give a regular review, I decided to go in a more interesting direction. See, no matter how ridiculous this game is, it does eventually try to tackle some heavy subject matter that comes from its fetish laden set-up, and the strange part is that it doesn’t absolutely fail at it.

Sometimes, mind you.

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Top 20 Games I Played in 2016 (So Far)

2016 is nearly over, and before I do my usual year in review at the end of the year, where I celebrate various games I played via category, I decided it would be fun to do a list before that and get it up in November, because until Sometimes Always Monsters comes out and rocks my world (THEY GOT THE ACTUAL SUNLIGHT WRITER), this list is pretty final. Here are my top twenty favorite games of the year, and only two entries on this list could be considered embarrassing. Finally, I’m getting a taste for games that aren’t anime titty garbage.

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