RollerCoaster Tycoon and the Importance of Simplicity

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Full Course: HuniePop

Content Warning: This article discusses sexual assault, not in the games featured but in discussion of subcultures related to said games. Reader discretion is advised.

…well, I’m about to talk about videogames made by chan regulars that isn’t the much beloved visual novel about living with handicaps. This series went in a weird direction, talking about sexy puzzle and tycoon games. Normally, this wouldn’t be writing about these sorts of games, since they’re usually too simplistic or crude to be worth the musing. When games informed by chan culture come around, they usually turn out to be pretty terrible irony games you can easy spot as trash from a glance (see “The Triggering”) or seemingly normal games that end up being incredibly idiotic social commentary that either misses the point (The Last Night, the product of a gater) or is informed entirely by ignorance (Aerannis, which includes the mascot of a harassment campaign as a celebrity cameo). But out of all of them, it’s HuniePop that’s somehow been the most controversial release, and possibly the most tame. That may be the secret to its success.

Full Course HuniePop

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Rick & Morty and the Death of the Ubermensch

Another season of Rick and Morty has gone by, but not as quietly as usual. Just recently, headlines went up over Rick and Morty fans acting like spoiled children over novelty Mulan sauce McDonald’s brought back, including videos of people jumping on counters and screaming that they didn’t get the mediocre fast food slime. For those unaware, the season three premiere made a joke by showing that Rick was obsessed with a forgettable movie tie-in sauce from the late 90s called schezwan sauce. It did not take long for McDonald’s to seize on the joke for some publicity and eventually had a one day special with the stuff – and it was a disaster of untold proportions.

It’s even more bizarre when you remember the point of season three seemed to entirely be “Rick is wrong.”

Rick and Morty s3
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