Top 10 Games I Played in 2017

Oh thank god this hell year is ending. 2017 has not been a good time for the world in general, and I am glad it’s going – sorta. Personally, it’s been a year of slow progress, and the games that came out this year have been absurdly good. I’ve also started catching up on more games that past me by, as I do every year, and I found some real gems II wasn’t expecting. This was also the year I finally clicked with WRPGs, so expect a lot of articles on them in the future (KOTOR 1&2 will get a Full Course once the Deponia piece is done, apologies it’s taken so long).

I did a year end retrospective for IndieCent, so I decided that will now be my usual yearly thing instead of my gimmicky award blog. However, I will still do my favorite games I played this year, so sit back and check out some of the great stuff I finally got around to playing this year. Some of these games even released this year, and were produced by major companies! I know!

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