Full Course: Lisa

Content Warning: This article will be discussing suicide, depression, child abuse, sexual assault, drug use, and a great deal more. Reader discretion is advised.

Back when I wrote on Alan Wake, I brought up the philosophical idea of determinism, the idea that people act based on what has been done to them. I originally wasn’t expecting to return to that idea so soon (as the original plan was to revisit the crude comedy point and click, Randal’s Monday), but I had to rush through a game series for an assignment and found determinism rearing its head yet again, though with less meta-textual and a more realistic framing. This is made odder because the theme came up in the game series Lisa, which induces gaming personality Jim Sterling as a hidden boss who asks you to jump off a cliff, wear a dress, and take hallucinatory drugs made partly from garbage.

So yeah.

Full Course Lisa

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Full Course: Shadowrun Returns Trilogy

Better cyberpunk than The Last Night.

Full Course Shadowrun

How did I not know about Shadowrun before now? If I had to guess, the title probably threw me off. “Shadowrun.” That’s the type of generic, lifeless name you’d expect to see on the newest financial bomb FPS from Activision or EA. That is not a name that inspires confidence or interest …these days. Back in the table top scene of 1989, Shadowrun was something fresh and new. It was a bizarre combination of cyberpunk and fantasy, and those two very different flavors somehow fit together better than peanut butter and chocolate.

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Full Course: Dragon Age: Origins

Okay, before I get heavy into this, let me address the elephant in the room.


How the fuck is Morrigan straight?

No really, how? She’s a swamp witch who dresses like a goth, practices forbidden magic, and constantly makes snarky, emasculating comments. She couldn’t be coded more queer unless you had her express an interest in Sailor Moon. Now I will give Bioware points for giving her a femdom fetish and giving an ending where she fucks your boyfriend to save your life, but come on. You have two bi characters in the cast! Why can’t I have my girl kiss the Satanist goth girl!?

This article took 130 hours of play to prepare for. I am taking this one indulgence.



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