The Inhumanity of the DC Movieverse

Fuck DC.

Okay, now that I’ve managed to scare any obnoxious nerds who wandered by to the comment section to angry rant about how I am a “marvelcuck” or something related to “cucks,” let’s talk about why the DC cinematic universe is the single worst thing DC has ever done.

Keep in mind that’s a real fucking long list.

With three films now released, there’s a lot of discussion in how DC’s brave experi-excuse me, I mean pathetic rip-off movie series has fared. Money wise, they aren’t doing Marvel gangbusters, but doing damn well by all accounts, or at least surviving despite under-performance. Critically, though…


To say these movies are disliked is like saying Donald Trump has the hands of an ant. There’s a lot to unpack, and a lot has been said, but as a comic fan myself, I’d like to unpack why these films don’t actually seem to engage audiences as well as they could, with exception to a certain terrible, terrible audience no artist should ever want. No matter how much WB tries to get the next few films in a more pleasing state for the masses, there’s some problems they desperately need to address first, or else we’ll have another Suicide Squad chop job on our hands.

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Let’s talk about the Kodomo no Jikan Kickstarter…

Woooooooooooah boy. Kodomo no Jikan is a name I thought my ears would never hear again, but of course a group of people who have “SJW” in their vocabulary would make it a topic once more.

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We don’t have a Right2Game

So recently, Twin Galaxies, the guys who track videogame records, started an indiegogo campaign for a platform they call “Right2Game.” It’s a social network built entirely for gamers that will “raise awareness that avid gaming is a worthwhile, socially acceptable, and important activity that’s deserving of more understanding and support.”

They will do this with gaming Facebook that, you may have noticed in there, advertises their big media events and contests.


This is the dumbest thing I have seen in awhile, and people are actually buying into it. The sad thing is that I’m not surprised. I think we need to sober up for a moment, gaming community.

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