Steam Sifter: Hell Girls

As they say, Hell is repetition.

Steam Sifter Hell Girls

Steam Sifter is back, and it’s undergoing some significant changes. See, while I was gone, I realized that the Steam community is actually worse than my thought, and with a mixture of Steam’s idiotic practices on how to treat reviews and the general nature of the average gamer, I found that stuff that should have never gotten a strong positive feedback were getting just that for bizarre reasons (like the presence of anime titty). So, I decided to toss out the rating requirement and just look at strange budget stuff, alongside poorly rated games.

I’m going to go a bit easy on today’s game because the developers, SakuraGame, appear to be Chinese and still cutting their teeth, and because their next game, Dragon Knight, actually looks promising for a budget effort. But it’s also hard to ignore when a bad game is a bad game, and this is definitely a bad game. This is Hell Girls, and its a new type of bad I haven’t covered here yet – bare bones bad.

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Steam Sifter: DEFENDERS

Well, I’m only lightly defending this, so maybe not the best titl-oh. That’s the game’s name.

Steam Sifter DEFENDERS

Welcome back to Steam Sifter, where I go through the mixed and negatively reviewed games on Steam and see what’s a gem in the rough and what’s genuinely garbage. This week, I bring you DEFENDERS (spelled in all capitals so we know the game is cool), easily the most interesting game in the series so far. I say that because it’s close to being good.

Close to being good, not actually good.

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Steam Sifter: Bad Hotel

That title is honestly pretty misleading.

Steam Sifter Bad Hotel

Welcome back to Steam Sifter, where I go through the worst and mixed reviewed games on Steam to find any lost gems in the pile of manure. Normally, I will not find good things. Thankfully, this is not a normal find! Today’s game of focus is Bad Hotel, a mobile port by Lucky Frame.

Yes, a mobile port that doesn’t suck. They exist!

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Steam Sifter: Social Justice Warriors

New series, woop woop

Steam Sifter

Welcome, ladies, gents and those outside the rigid gender binary, to Steam Sifter! There’s a lot of games on Steam, and a lot of them are given mixed or negative reviews, but are they all bad? After all, with gaming culture being a cesspool of jew hatin’ and vagina fearin’ as of the past few years, maybe some good stuff got buried by assholes, or maybe a good game just wasn’t given enough of a good shake. Maybe there’s something we missed in this flurry of releases worth salvaging. That’s where this series comes in, as I pick out games at random given majorly negative or mixed reception, give them a quick glance, and see if they’re worth giving a shot.

And for those of you thinking this is an awful idea that will lead me to playing horrific garbage and suffering unnecessarily for it, you’re right. Please stop me from doing this. Oh god.

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