Like my writing? Well, if you don’t want to commit to monthly Patreon backing, you can also commission me to write on different subjects!

Please note that I reserve the right to turn down commissions that I feel I can’t handle, are of subjects I don’t feel comfortable writing about, or for subjects I can’t get hold of.

To commission me, contact my public email ( and discuss what you want. Once we come to agreement and price, I’ll need payment and get started on your commission right away (I won’t take commissions unless I know I have enough time for them).

I accept only through Paypal. Note that my public e-mail address is not the one on my Paypal account.

And don’t commission porn. No.



If you want to commission something that doesn’t fit neatly in one of these categories, don’t be afraid to e-mail me.

Video Games: The normal rate is $40 plus the base cost of the game in question. However, if it’s a game I already own or can emulate, I will wave that second part of the fee (you can also gift me games on sale you plan to have me look at from my Steam account, jkdarkseid).

For short, free games, I will charge $15.

For longer games, like RPGs or lengthy visual novels, I will charge $60 plus game cost (assuming I don’t own it or can’t emulate it).

For now, I’ll only look at PC games and whatever can be emulated. I can run games ported from the Xbox 360 and PS3, but that’s about as far as my machine goes.

Anime/TV: $50 US per three episodes. I’ll do a full cour of anime (11 to 13 episodes) for $120 US, so if you want me to look at a series in full or in significant chunks, this is a good option to save some change. Has to be on Hulu or Crunchyroll. I can do either sub or dub.

Books/Comics: Webcomics will vary in price based on length or how much you want covered. Consider the prices around $15 to $60, varying. This does include series I’ve finished, since I’ll need to do some re-reading. Please don’t request I read the entirely of a webcomic that has been running for a decade or anything like that, just do multiple commissions over time.

Shorter novels will be $20 (since they’re fairly dirt cheap), and longer ones will be $50. Keep in mind I have to be able to find these books within a reasonable price range, so try not to be too obscure. Also try not to suggest 1000 page tomes unless you’re willing to wait.

Print comics will be looked at in collections, not single issues. Consider the prices $30 to $60 depending on length. I may require the cost of the collection to be paid at well, unless I own or can find the work easily online. A newspaper strip printed freely online would not have such a cost, but a trade collection of a comic book story-line would.

Misc: We’ll discuss price on anything else that doesn’t fit here.