Like my writing? Well, if you don’t want to commit to monthly Patreon backing, you can also commission me to write on different subjects!

Please note that I reserve the right to turn down commissions that I feel I can’t handle, are of subjects I don’t feel comfortable writing about, or for subjects I can’t get hold of.

To commission me, contact my public email ( and discuss what you want. Once we come to agreement and price, I’ll need payment and get started on your commission right away (I won’t take commissions unless I know I have enough time for them).

I accept only through Paypal. Note that my public e-mail address is not the one on my Paypal account.

And don’t commission porn. No.



If you want to commission something that doesn’t fit neatly in one of these categories, don’t be afraid to e-mail me.

Video Games: Free game write-ups go for $10 US. Paid games are double the sticker price, please stick to online outlets like Steam or (I will play flash games on places like Newgrounds or the like). If the sticker price is under $5, it’s the same rate as a free game article. If the game needs to be emulated (games unreleased in English officially), I’ll need to look at the length of the title to make a decision on price.

Anime/TV: $50 US pre three episodes. I’ll do a full cour of anime (11 to 13 episodes) for $120 US, so if you want me to look at a series in full or in significant chunks, this is a good option to save some change. Has to be on Hulu or Crunchyroll. I can do either sub or dub.